Alboth! - Amour 1991 - CD PPP107 PDCD
Creating an acidic tonic with grindcore, free jazz and experimental noise, Alboth! washes its compositions in the pure energy stylings of Zorn, Napalm Death, Boredoms and Borbetomagus. (CMJ/USA) A true masterpiece for the rest of the decade to live up to (ALTERNATIVE PRESS/USA).

Mortar - Various - CD PPP104 PDCD
Eleven tracks of sublime, earsyringing swing and drone (CMJ/USA) from Cable Regime, Cop Shoot Cop, Nox, Caspar Brötzmann-Massaker, Gore, Fall of Because (Justin K. Broadrick) and Grill.

God - Loco - CD PPP106 PDCD
Produced by Justin K. Broadrick, God’s first album features ex-members of Head of David, Henry Cow, Slab, Terminal Cheesecake and members of AMM, Sweet Tooth.