Alboth! - Liebefeld - CD PPP112 PDCD
Creating an acidic tonic with grindcore, free jazz and experimental noise, Alboth! washes its compositions in the pure energy stylings of Zorn, Napalm Death, Boredoms and Borbetomagus. (CMJ/USA) A true masterpiece for the rest of the decade to live up to. (ALTERNATIVE PRESS/USA).

Pore - Dorsale - CD PPP114 PDCD
One man armed only with his guitar, voice and drum machine creates one of the simplest, unbelievably heavy CDs in existence. Like a stripped down Godflesh relentlessly beating the shit out of Helmet.

Geins't Naït - Frigo - CD PPP109 PDCD
Geins't Nait is more than a simple industrial sonic band. Although definitely in the experimental/noisy class, the music harmlessly flirts with rock, jazz, and pop. Each individual pieces tend to be studies in rhythmic patterns, yielding terrific polyphonic and polyrhythmic textures, and harsh, grating, percussive, yet full, supple, rich, even polished timbres. This is medium to high intensity European music which doesn't resort to dance-music concessions.

Cable Regime - Assimilate & destroy - CD PPP110 PDCD
Again produced by Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh).

Cable Regime - Life in the house of the enemy - CD PPP108 PDCD
Produced by Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh) Cable Regime synthesizes BIG BLACK’s drum machine aggression and Godlfesh’s hollowing guitar intensity (CMJ/USA).

Sweet Tooth - Crash live - CD HD02 HEADDIRT
“Crash live”, follow-up to Sweet Tooth’s Earache Records release “Soft white underbelly”. Seven tracks, mostly new, put Sweet tooth back on course as the power trio: S. Kiehl (ex-Slab, now in God), D. Cochrane (ex-Head of David, GOD), Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu).

Skullflower - IIIrd Gatekeeper - CD HD01 HEADDIRT
Best English underground noise primarily slow and very bass heavy, IIIrd Gatekeeper is Skullflower’s latest offering of dense hypnotic sludge/death rock. "A beauty that doesn't conform to any design" (MELODY MAKER/UK).

Dance trilogy - Various - CD PPP115 PDCD
Blasting triple single blending NEW BEAT, HIP HOP and HYPNO-GUITAR-NOISE tracks from Laurent PERNICE (F), ARCHITECTS OF UNITY (USA) and CABLE REGIME (GB).

Geins't Naït
Cable Regime
Cable Regime
Sweet Tooth
Dance Trilogy