Pore - Rotation - CD PPP117 PDCD

One man armed only with his guitar, voice and drum machine creates one of the simplest, unbelievably heavy CDs in existence. Like a stripped down Godflesh relentlessly beating the shit out of Helmet.

Laurent Pernice - Sortie vers la ville - CD PPP113 PDCD
Psychedelic floating jazz, fascinating ambient-type sonic sublimation reminiscent of Coil, Scorn and Steroid Maximus. An hour of intense and extremely rewarding listening to hallucinate. "An eclectic masterpiece - serious, creative and incredibly beautiful." (SUBLINE/D).

Grill - Light - CD PPP111 PDCD
Two duelling guitars in cyberspace of the post industrial electro-metal culture. Drummachine technology shooting off a thousand bpm. Caffeine intravenous and cerebrospinal centrifuge.

Black State Choir - Permaculture - CD PPP116 PDCD
The Orb go groove ! Delerium go dance ! Consolidated go rave ! Meat Beat Manifesto go house : Trance-music for people fed up with our contemporary consumer-oriented culture.

Laurent Pernice
Black State Choir