Hal - Gorilla Conspiration - CD PPP121 PDCD
Conceived following a series of discussions on the Internet about how most music fails to extend beyond the various confines of the modern age, Gorilla Conspiration is a collaboration between various members of BSC and Grill that attempts to evoke an altogether different age. An age beyond memory, neither present, past nor future. Ambient? Ethnic? Industrial? Think again. HAL defies genre.

Cable Regime - Brave new world - CD PPP120 PDCD
Produced by Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu).

Black State Choir - Pachakuti - CD PPP119 PDCD
A light amidst madness, Pachakuti is the belief of indigenous peoples that through the power of their collective spirit they will soon rise from the shackles and chains of colonialism and aggressive capitalism. BLACK STATE CHOIR celebrate this emergence of spirit, the triumph of ideas over suppression, by harnessing from the world around us a music rich in the imagery and visual force of this struggle. Founder choristers P.G.Raheen & Padi Staid are joined in their endeavours by Savage, a recent recruit to the choir and a third presence in the Ether where the disks forever spin and the samples play themselves.

Best English underground noise primarily slow and very bass heavy.

Cable Regime
Black State Choir