North Pacific Drift - Cold Storage - CD PPP123 PDCD
Just when you thought all of the territories had been mapped, N.P.D. storm out of the blue with possibly the most refreshing sound to caress your shores since Massive Attack. Inhabiting a place truly beyond the normal dimensions and restraints of "genre", the sound of N.P.D. is culled from a wide open vision of time and space dynamics, a global mosaic of dub rhythms and shimmering electro patterns.

Aural Screenshots - The media pump -CD PPP122 PDCD
For Dorninger, synthesizers, like all electronic digital tools in general, have one function above all - "to overcome traditional forms of musical expression". To be sure, this statement from the notes to the CD The Media Pump by Aural Screenshots (1996) is an old household electronic truth which, all too often, provides little more than another occasion for the corset of Western functional harmony to dance on the tables in fashionably contemporary electronic/ technocratic drag, and to be dragged on from one electronic/digital innovation to the other.

North Pacific Drift
Aural Screenshots